JA Foundation

  • The Jefferson Academy Foundation’s sole purpose is to provide financial assistance to support the needs, efforts, and mission of Jefferson Academy K-12.
  • The Foundation is a resource to financially support the administration and teachers, and educational and social programs at JA through grants, fundraisers and donations from our school community, businesses, alumni and non-profit organizations.
  • We work to fund large scope projects such as: facility additions, improvements to the buildings and grounds, improving school technology, support staff salaries, and to fund academic needs to support classrooms.
  • We work alongside of JA’s other fundraising groups, the Jefferson Academy Elementary Parent and Teacher Organization (JAPTO) and the Jefferson Academy Secondary Boosters Organization who raise funds that directly benefit our students and classrooms. We also work with the school’s Capital Development Committee.
  • Charter schools DO NOT receive additional funding for buildings, facilities, grounds, and equipment. We work to find revenue to fund projects in these areas.
  • The Foundation is an independent non-profit organization with its own board of directors and takes direction from The Jefferson Academy Board of Directors. All gifts are tax deductible.